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Mount Olive Baptist Church
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Discipleship Classes

On Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30 we have Discipleship classes for all of our adult members. The classes range from book studies to video driven studies. Check out our newsletter page or come see us for what we are currently offering!
Discipleship Training focuses on Christian growth and emphasizes in training members of the church to perform the work of the church; to train church leaders; to orient new church members; and to teach Christian theology, ethics, history, and church practices. 

Develop every member of Mount Olive into a fully equipped disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ by having facilitators to encourage discussion and interaction among members of a class. 
  • To interact with every member of Mount Olive in the process of Discipleship.  
  • To instruct every member of MountOlive in the areas of Missions, Evangelism, Worship, Family, Biblical Foundation Studies, and Godly Leadership.  
  • To inspire every member of MountOlive to personally fulfill the Great Commission to “Go and make disciples” by becoming personally equipped and then by equipping others.