What are Bible Study Groups?

We all need people in our life who will support us, encourage our spiritual growth, and walk with us through the adventures life brings. The Bible Study Groups here at MOBC are just the place to connect with others, deepen your relationship with the Lord, and be a significant part of the body of Christ.

Who participates in Bible Study Groups?

We are excited to offer Bible Study Groups for men, women, couples, single adults, middle and high school students, and college students. A group

typically consists of six to ten individuals in a similar stage of life or possessing common interests who meet regularly to study His Word, share life experiences, and pray for each other.

How can you find a group?

Click the “Find a Group” button below to explore our current Bible Study Group options. You’ll find Sunday morning and weekday groups available. If you would like guidance in finding the perfect fit, please contact our Discipleship Pastor, Michael Steward, who will be happy to assist in connecting you with just the right group. 

If you’ve been part of a group for some time and sense God calling you to lead a new Bible Study Group, please click the “Lead a Group” button as we welcome the opportunity to hear what the Lord has laid upon your heart.

Have questions before you visit?