Being a teenager is hard.

The culture our students are growing up in is becoming increasingly challenging to their faith. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t spiritually mature enough yet to know how to deal with those challenges as they come up.

In MOBC Students, we teach the Bible on their level so they can have the tools they need to walk out their faith. On top of that, we equip you with the things you need to disciple your student in your home.

By the time your student graduates, it’s our hope that they will own their faith and feel confident in Christ as they move into adulthood.

Youth Worship Service

Students 6th-12th grade meet together to worship, play games, and develop the tools needed to walk out their faith in an increasingly hostile world.

When They Meet

Wednesdays evenings at 6:30pm

Where They Meet

Student Chapel

Youth Bible Fellowship Groups

Our students meet together to study the Bible with adult leaders so they can deepen their faith and strengthen their relationships.

When They Meet

Sunday mornings at 9:30am

Where They Meet

Girls (MS and HS) – Room 211
Boys HS – Student Chapel
Boys MS – Student Lounge

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