We want to help you connect with others and be known so you can grow deeper in your faith and discover your purpose in life.

You can view all of our ministry opportunities below. Each one is designed to help you connect to Christ and others.


Life tends to pull us in all directions. That’s why we are so intent on connecting with Christ and with others.

At Mount Olive, we offer multiple opportunities for you to connect with others around the truths of the Bible so you can lead an authentic Christian life across all aspects of your life.


We teach your kids about Jesus on their level.
While discipling your child is the most important thing you’ll ever do, we know it’s impossible to do that alone.

At MOBC Kids, we partner with you to help your kids develop a relationship with Christ at an early age.


The culture our students are growing up in is becoming increasingly challenging to their faith.

In MOBC Students, we teach the Bible on their level so they can have the tools they need to walk out their faith. On top of that, we equip you with the things you need to disciple you student in your home.


Once you hit college, you begin wrestling with the big ideas of life. With that wrestling comes new and deeper questions you haven’t asked before.

At Mount Olive, we want to provide a safe place for you to ask those questions. We believe the Bible isn’t scared of them and that by studying the Bible with others asking similar questions, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

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